The actual updates regarding the progress of The Van and living with it in general.


I don't anticpate much traction on this here, but I don't have really any places for it to gain traction anywhere. I don't have extended family, I only have a couple of friends (who have their own hardships). But I set up a Fundrazr for The Van. If you're in a position to help, want to live vicariously through my experience, are looking for exposure, are willing to sponsor, or anything of the sort - please reach out.

In the meantime, here's the Fundrazr link.

If you'd prefer to donate directly, again, please reach out.


Fuel injector and/or transmission is going. Between other more pressing things (health related), I simply cannot afford to get it fixed. I'm screwed.


Threw the Infectious Grooves sticker on the front of the van and scored a free EZ Up canopy on Craigslist!


I still haven't committed to Infectious Grooves being the name for the van, but I'm leaning further into it. At least temporarily.

I pulled the emblem off the front of the van, I didn't do a very great job. It's okay, I'll fix it in post.

Have been heavily researching legal dispersed camping in my area and was pleased to find that my state has kinda gotten on board with it more than I anticipated. I will be taking the van out on some short term trial runs of dispersed camping in the next week or so.

Pics of the emblem and camping to come. It's finally nice enough out to detail The Van, so will be doing that and snapping further pics inside, as well.


I think I found a theme, potentially a name, for The Van.

Infectious Grooves.

For nearly as long as I've been a fan of Suicidal Tendencies have I been a fan of Infectious Grooves. And of course, why not, Mike Muir is the main dude in both and knows his shit.


I did not end up getting the portable toilet, corner shelf unit, or dartboard from my previous post. Craigslist and Marketplace are a battle ground these days, holy shit. And I lost.

We're finally staying above freezing temps here, even at night, so next week on my days off I am gonna go get The Van washed and detailed and will post more pics.


I'm pretty anxious to hear back on this Pak-A-Potti and corner shelf unit I reached out for on Craigslist, also a sweet oldschol electronic dartboard.

Stay tuned...